Kevin Hart is currently facing backlash for allowing his kids to dress as "Cowboys and Indians" for Thanksgiving-themed party, in conjunction with an NFL game with glaringly obvious thematic connotations (Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins).

It didn't take long for social media to land upon the group photo. Pictured next to Kevin Hart and his spouse were at least a dozen children dressed in "Cowboys and Indians," none happier than the two boys in the bottom armed with super-soakers. 

Kevin Hart has since come to his own defense during a SiriusXM radio spot.

Hart defended his position by stating that his costume idea was inoffensive and thereby culturally appropriate. In view of the backlash, Kevin would like to see "less opinion, more perspective" on the Internet, when it's all said and done.

Therein lies one logical fallacy besides the point made by several social media users. Opinion are only the scourge of humanity when they disproportionate. In fact, comedians would have little to say if it weren't for.. dare I say, opinions!

Hart also argues that since playing "Cowboys and Indians" was a regular occurrence when he was childhood, it is thereby "a time-honored tradition," even in Today's climate. What do you think?