NBA Twitter was in a complete state of euphoria last night as first overall pick Anthony Edwards came through with the best dunk of the NBA season, so far. During a loss against the Toronto Raptors, Edwards drove to the basket and dunked over Yuta Watanabe, which brought both men to the ground. It was one of those poster dunks that only happens once every few months, and since it was a rookie who pulled it off, fans were that much more impressed.

Comedian Kevin Hart was one of the people who was impressed by the dunk, although he took a much more sympathetic approach as he tried to show love to Watanabe. In fact, Hart jokingly questioned Edwards' motivations, all while offering prayers to Watanabe and his family.

"What the fuck did this guy do to deserve this....Holy shit bat man....Jesus Christ can u dunk on somebody like this without a crowd in the arena....what’s your motivation for this type of hate....Anthony had to have 2 little men in calves that jumped at the same time he did to pull this shit off....this defender has to be thrown out of the league immediately....there is no coming back from this....he’s gonna have nightmares about this....I’m praying for him and his family," Hart wrote.

This is a dunk that will be on highlight reels for a very long time so at this point, all of these over-the-top reactions are very much warranted.

Anthony Edwards

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images