You never know who you'll come across living in Calabasas. The Game lives down the street from Kevin Hart and, this week, the comedian made an unannounced visit before trying to run off with one of the rapper's most expensive possessions.

"When ya neighbors come over unannounced to borrow sugar lol," wrote The Game on Instagram, sharing a video of Kevin Hart pulling up on a flashy motorcycle and bartering a trade for his Lamborghini.

"He tried to trade me the motorcycle for the Lambo," says Game in the clip.

"I ain't got much... I just pull up. That's how I do," replies Hart.

Apparently, the comedian/actor was nice enough to bring by some extra gloves and masks to ensure his neighbor stays safe during the coronavirus pandemic. The good deed didn't help him much though. He still ended up leaving on the same vehicle he pulled up on.

The Game included a number of funny hashtags in his caption, writing: "@kevinhart4real #CallFirstNextTimeKevin #BikeBiggerThanYouHeadAhhhh #iThoughtHeWasSellinChocolate #MyN***aEvenIfYouDontGetNoBigga #Literally."

The Game Kevin Hart
Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Maybe next time, Kevin will have better luck. Now, he knows that the motorcycle won't do it. He's got to add some incentive for The Game to even bite.

Do you think he'll pull up with more in a week?