Around this time last year, The Blast reported that Scott Montoya, the owner of Laugh Out Loud Comedy Productions, pursued legal action against Kevin Hart for allegedly threatening to de-stabilize the brand that he had invested considerable time and effort establishing.

It seems that in late 2017, the Night School actor reportedly made moves to acquire three separate trademarks for “Laugh Out Loud." The trademarks are said to be for a new comedy venture that Hart is working on with Lionsgate. Upon discovering this, Montaya sprung into action and opposed the trademark on the basis that Hart was using a brand that has “been seen by tens of millions of people over the past 8 years" as a springboard. He maintained that Hart would be impacting his ability to embark on various business ventures in the future by acquiring the aforementioned trademarks. 

Today, The Blast reports that Hart and Montoya have settled their differences with Montaya opting to dismiss all claims against Hart and his companies. The court documents purportedly reveal that Hart's co-defendant Lionsgate paid an undisclosed sum to Montaya through their insurance and states that both he and Hart will cover their own legal fees.

It seems all is well in the Ride Along comedian's legal world.