Kevin Hart recently dropped off his Netflix documentary Don't Fuck This Up that showcased never before seen clips of Kevin's life with his family and some of the struggles he went through that was shared with the public. Since the release, Kevin has commented on some of the coverage regarding the release and how such publications as The Shade Room chose to only focus on click bait content that was only a minor aspect of the whole doc. "Such a strong powerful documentary and this is the headline that you pull from it...sad times we live in," he commented. "Carry on. Have a blessed and beautiful day...happy new year."

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Following his fair clap back, Kevin has now come through with a little PSA for his followers to take into the new decade. Next to an image of him as a child in comparison to him currently, the Jumanji actor shared a few words on how to stay positive for the new year. 

"It’s never about how you’s always about the finish. Let’s all close out 2019 with a positive mindset and move into 2020 with the attitude of simply being’s You against You & only You," he wrote. "Don’t loose your yourself by keeping yourself down. We are all winners if we choose to be!!!! Let’s all fucking be great....If it ain’t positive then it ain’t worth my time or energy."