Kevin Hart really never stops going. It would be a wonder to take a glance at his schedule. America's leading funnyman is now premiering a new series on Quibi. Quibi is a new streaming service that is free (with ads) or you can subscribe for an ad-less experience. The new series is called Die Hart, and is based on a fictionalized version of Hart who enlists in an "action school" in order to develop his career in action flicks. John Travolta and Nathalie Emmanuel co-star. 

Since the film is an action movie, Kevin Hart was blessed with an action figure. He took to social media to boast, and joke, a bit about his new action figure. "I got a action figure 😂😂😂😂......I appreciate the gift @quibi .....Make sure y’all check out 'Die Hart' on @quibi NOOOOOWWW!!!!," Hart wrote. If you dive into the comments, you'll see tons of celebrities commenting and cracking jokes. Of course, the "toy is life-size" jokes are abundant. spoke with the show's director, Eric Appel, who explained how they shot the show more like a movie. "We always thought of it as a movie internally. On set, we filmed it like it was a movie, too. It wasn't episode by episode," he revealed. "We mixed everything up and shot all of it based on what locations we were at, and actors' availability and schedules. But it was always thought of as one big narrative piece, that would be broken into chapters, but yeah. It was definitely thought of as a movie, more than it was a TV series."