Kevin Hart has had himself quite the roller coaster of a year in 2017. Numerous film and TV projects have kept his name atop the A-list of male comedy talents in the entertainment business, but an alleged sex tape that surfaced as an attempt to extort him was another story that put his name in the headlines of tabloids around the world for all the wrong reasons. Now, the actor is attempting to spread some wisdom to his fans via social media and help them start their respective new years on the right foot.

In a "Tuesday Talks" video that he shared on his Instagram page, Hart challenged those watching to assess their inner circle and decide if those close to you are actually the right fit for your life. "2018 is right around the corner and I want you to ask yourself this simple question: are the people in your life and around you making you better?" It seems like almost a trick question, but as he later explains, it has to do with making sure that there's enough positivity surrounding you to keep your focus on the things that matter most.

"If the people around you are nothing but negative [...] then that means you're going to have a negative-ass year," he continued. "Now, when you've got positive people around you, people who are focused on nothing but getting better, [...] moving ahead, [...] those are the people you need to surround yourself with." He ends off the short monologue by saying that 2018 can be a big year for everybody, you've just got to make sure those who might be holding you back know about it.

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