The conflict between Chris Brown and Kevin McCall has been brewing for months, and it doesn't look as though things will simmer down anytime soon. McCall's latest song is called "Baerucche." 

The roots of the feud are business-related, but there aren't many further details. Brown and McCall have been collaborating for several years -- as recently as May 2015 -- and for much of that time, McCall has been signed to Brown's label, Chris Brown Entertainment. It's unclear if he's still signed; Brown has said he's been dropped, whilst McCall has claimed that Brown isn't letting him out of his contract. 

In March, McCall tweeted at Brown and adamantly told him that "we need to sit down and handle this business." Brown was deeply provoked and responded with a long-winded, since-deleted Instagram post, during which he threatened to beat McCall to the point that he couldn't sing or play piano. Their heated back and forth has, as far as we know, been confined to social media, and most of the evidence is now only available via screenshots. 

Their war of words really flared up a month ago, when McCall accused Brown of stealing from him and eventually condemned his character by bringing up his infamous beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, around the time he and Brown began working together. Brown responded with paragraphs of his own insults, mostly ripping into McCall by calling him broke and irrelevant. 

McCall's latest strategy to agitate Brown has been invoking his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, with whom Brown had a rough and highly publicized breakup. Earlier this week, McCall began to refer to Tran as "Baerucche" on his Twitter and wrote that he wanted to have a child with her. According to Bossip, Karrueche tweeted back at McCall and told him to "get the f*ck outta here with this sh*t" (details and screenshots here). McCall ain't letting up, though. He's now made a song about her. 

On "Baerucche," McCall claims to still have Karrueche's number in his wallet and her BlackBerry messenger contact info., too. He also confirms his desire of impregnating her, singing, "Me and you should make a pretty black and Asian baby." Listen below. 

It seems that he hasn't found the official "Baerucche" cover art yet, though he suggested a certain Karrueche pic to his Twitter followers. She's in her drawers.

What's Brown's next move?