There was a time when we couldn't hear enough about Kevin McCall. Throughout 2020, the singer-songwriter was at odds with his ex, Eva Marcille, over custody of their daughter, Marley Rae. The court battle that ensued resulted in Eva getting Marley's last name changed to Sterling, her attorney husband Michael's name. Kevin battled it out in court because he claimed that Eva was keeping their child from him, but she insisted that he hadn't been in Marley's life and he was abusive to Eva in the past.

Then, a video circulated showing McCall being arrested at a courthouse on his way to his custody trial because he got into a scuffle with a security guard. McCall was arrested, and that was one of several controversial moments he was involved in, at least in recent years. Back in January 2019, the singer was accused of domestic violence, and by September 2019, he was officially hit with charges related to that case.

Kevin McCall, Domestic Violence
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

We haven't heard much from him in recent months, but McCall's visit to Thee Kraig Smith Podcast went left for a brief moment. During the chat, the fellas seemed to be having an edifying conversation, but when addressing some of his controversies, things took a turn. 

“I just was talking sh*t and trying to get attention just like I got Chris Brown’s attention when I posted a picture of Rihanna’s face all beat up," said McCall in the clip. "This is before I had allegations of the second victim." He quickly corrected himself. "'Alleged’ victim... Which, I did hit her, ’cause she hit me. Which is not cool."

Co-host Bradyn stepped in and said he can't women and he didn't agree with that, and it seemed that McCall didn't appreciate being corrected. “I’ve even beat up n*ggas over this. So, if you want a fade over this, if you feel like I shouldn’t hit women, catch a fade outside, bro. So don’t sit here and act like you think I’m some weird ass n*gga bro,” McCall said.

“Shut the f*ck up my n*gga. I’m a real ass n*gga. I f*ck up n*ggas bro. It’s n*ggas that come around that try to jump me. It’s n*ggas that wait until I get around a camera and switch the f*ckin' narrative. So if you got a problem, if you think I hit women, like I told Eva brothers, catch a fade my n*gga!"

It was later shared that everyone reconciled the argument and were good. Check out the clip below.