Kevin McCall seems to be nowhere close to jumping off Instagram and calling off his questionable posts. As we know, things first started when Kevin shared cryptic statements about Chris Brown, more recently expressing how he wants Chris' fans to die. Kevin was later involved in a courthouse altercation when he got booked for assault the same time he was at court fighting his ex Eva Marcille for custody of their daughter. 

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Just last week, Kevin asked his followers for money so he can continue making music, days after begging for a spot on Kanye West's second Jesus Is KingThe Blast now reports that in a since-deleted post on Instagram, Kevin shared an image of he and his ex Eva seated next to Tyrese Gibson. “The Real Jody Summers #BabyBoypartll 2022," the caption read. Peep the image here

We only assume that the image was removed after fans commented telling Kevin to remove the photo out of respect for his ex. Eva has previously expressed details on her relationship with Kevin. “He was definitely extremely violent — physically abusive,” she said. “His inability to have what people call self-control of his frustration and his anger and he takes it out — and he’s not a small guy, he played D1 football.”