Kevin McCall went after his ex, Eva Marcille, on social media, claiming that she only has children so for financial gain through child support checks. The artist posted a screenshot of an article on his Instagram story that bore the title, "Child support is 18 years of easy money: Women reveal the REAL reasons why they’ve lied about being on the Pill – and many DON’T regret what they’ve done." In the caption, he wrote, "Some women have children for a check….some of them out here working on baby number 3 and still talking about their Ex….having babies isn’t a career.”

Kevin McCall Eva Marcille trash ex social media custody battle Real Housewives of AtlantaAlberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

He didn't stop there, but instead posted another story sharing his own words in regards to the topic. “Stop using child support to help you maintain being a BABY Momma terrorist," he ranted. "Its an easy check for 18 years I get it…but you on baby number 4 and complaining about your 1 st child .. are you hiding some strong feelings? If not focus on your two new babies and leave your old BABY DADDY ALONE HAHAA.” Of course, it's fairly evident that Kevin's sentiments are directed towards his baby mother, Eva Marcille, with whom he shares a daughter by the name of Marley Rae. The two of them were involved in a custody battle over Marley last year, which began when Kevin attempted to gain full custody of their daughter. Eva fired back, accusing him of being dangerous and never paying child support, and demanded that the case be dismissed. The custody arrangement remained in tact, and Eva even went on to legally change Marley's last name from McCall to Sterling, the last name belonging to her current husband, Michael. Eva and Michael tied the knot back in 2018, and they recently welcomed their second child together. Kevin recently expressed interest in going to therapy with Eva, believing that it might solve their problems.