Although Stan Lee died almost two months ago, his birthday (December 28th) was still observed by many of his fans the world of comics. One of the Lee-faithfuls is Kevin Smith, the director of such 90s classics as Clerks and Mallrats, remembered the Late Mr. Lee with an Instagram post where he described the last time he saw the Spider-Man creator: his 95th birthday.

Apparently Smith had his doubts about the event before it happened, unsure about whether it was such a good idea to surprise a 95-year-old man and voiced them to one of the event's organizers: "'Are you sure it’s a good idea to throw a *surprise* party for a 95 year old?' But it truly was: as you can see in the video, Stan made it through the surprise just fine." Smith also had to get out of a prior engagement but, looking back, he's glad he made the effort:

'The Man’s only gonna turn 95 once...' I’m SO glad I went, as this was the last time I’d ever see my friend and hero: two months later, I had a massive heart attack. And nine months after that, Stan would leave us for a better place where the master storytellers gather and reminisce about how their magic words changed the world.