Kevin Spacey is returning to film for the first time since the litany of sexual misconduct and assault allegations were leveled against him in 2017. Spacey is set to star in the Italian film L’uomo Che Disegno Dio, which translates to "The Man Who Drew God."

The film will be directed by Franco Nero, who spoke about casting Spacey in a new interview with ABC News.

“I’m very happy Kevin agreed to participate in my film,” Nero told the outlet. “I consider him a great actor and I can’t wait to start the movie.”

Kevin Spacey
Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

Spacey was first accused of misconduct by Anthony Rapp, who says he was abused by Spacey at age 14. Afterward, he was dropped by Netflix's House of Cards, and replaced in All the Money in the World.

In the years since, Spacey has occasionally uploaded video updates on his YouTube channel.

“If you’re standing in a place that you can no longer remain standing, if you’re suffering, if you need help, if you feel guilt or shame, if you’re struggling with your identity, if your back’s up against the wall, or if you feel that there is no path for you, whatever your situation, I promise you there is a path,” Spacey says in his latest video. “At this time during this holiday and beyond, even if you don’t feel it, there are people out there who understand and who can help, because you are not alone.”