It's a new season for Keyshia Cole. The 38-year-old singer has not only been working on new music, but her divorce from former NBA star Daniel Gibson was recently finalized after a three-year-long legal battle and Keyshia became a single woman after breaking things off with her boyfriend, 24-year-old Niko Khalé. The couple welcomed their son into the world a year ago, and while Keyshia has been openly enthusiastic about moving forward with her life, Niko expressed that he's enduring heartbreak.

Niko Khalé, Keyshia Cole, Break Up
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On his Instagram page, Niko shared a photo of himself and in the caption, he wrote that he's counting down until his birthday arrives on October 17. Someone commented that they hoped that Niko and Keyshia Cole would get back together, telling the rapper to "fix it" because "blacklovewins." Niko took a moment to address the IG user and replied in rhyme.

"My heart is broken. My mind is open. My times approachin," he said. It's unclear what he meant specifically, but he seemed optimistic about whatever may come his way. Both Niko and Keyshia have remained private about what led to their breakup, but we're sure we'll hear bits and pieces on whatever music projects they'll both have coming out in the future.

Keyshia Cole, Niko Khale, Breakup, Instagram