Kentucky Fried Chicken has just announced that they will be appointing their first-ever female Colonel Sanders. The worthy recipient will be none other than country music superstar Reba McEntire, who will appear in the company's latest marketing campaign. 

McEntire will become the face of KFC's newest menu item, Smoky Mountain BBQ Chicken, while her commercials will see the country crooner sing and shift identities between herself and that of Mr. Colonel Sanders. 

Speaking with Business Insider, McEntire admits that "it’s something that, in a way, you can kind of poke fun at yourself by dressing up as the colonel. But, in a way it’s very respectable because he’s been a part of our growing-up years."

McEntire reveals how she's "been in love with KFC forever," and how her upbringing in Oklahoma helped her formulate an accent that is "a little thicker than I talk normally" for the role. 

KFC CMO Andrea Zahumensky reveals that in choosing McEntire for this newly established position, they have found "someone who embodies the values of Kentucky Fried Chicken," further noting how it takes an entrepreneurial spirit and vibrant showmanship to effectively embody the Colonel spirit. 

Since reviving a Colonel Sanders campaign in 2015, the company has seen business skyrocket, despite some initial skepticism. Past celebrities who have assumed the role of the company's iconic avatar include Darrell Hammond, Billy Zane and Norm Macdonald. 

Peep the first commercial below: