Popeyes really got all the free promo when they released their much-talked about chicken sandwich. For whatever case, the world was all too excited to try the sandwich, and with social media helping keep the sandwich in constant conversation, it meant that it was sold out almost immediately when it first debuted.

Well, it seems like KFC wants a piece of the chicken sandwich action, and really, why shouldn't they? The fast food restaurant is, after all, also all about fried chicken. Lo and behold: the "KFC Chicken Sandwich." A name that tells you exactly what it is. 

Andrea Zahumensky, KFC's chief marketing officer, says this new chicken sandwich "boasts an upgrade of every single component" from their last sandwich debut, the "Crisp Colonel."  

Zahumensky continued: "The 'Crispy Colonel' has a lot of fans, but we knew we could do better and it wasn't good enough for us." The newest iteration of the sandwich features a chicken filet on top of brioche bun, and it's topped with pickles and mayo. It'll set you back $3.99 or $6.99 for the full combo meal.

Apparently, it took a year to perfect their chicken sandwich, and now they're finally ready to let the world have a bite. The sandwich is debuting at certain locations in Orlando, Florida for a trial period, while there are plans to roll it out at more than 4,000 KFC locations if all goes well.