Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the best fighters in the entire world and as the Lightweight champion, there have been numerous challengers looking to take his crown away. No one has been able to defeat Khabib, although, on Saturday at UFC 254, Justin Gaethje will be looking to change that. After defeating Tony Ferguson, Gaethje appears to be an appropriate challenger who has a solid chance of coming out and winning the fight. 

Today, both fighters had their weigh-in, which is always a day that brings about some anxiety for both fighters. Making weight can be difficult and at times, fighters go through extreme measures, just to cut the necessary weight. Khabib has had issues with this in the past, and today, he was forced to strip completely naked, just to hit the 155-pound cut-off weight. In the end, Khabib was able to hit his goal, and now, the fight will go on as planned.

Coming into this fight, it's become quite clear that Gaethje is the underdog, although this is a position he has proven to be quite comfortable in over the years. Regardless, Khabib will be determined to keep his title, and perhaps get himself on a collision course for a rematch with the likes of Conor McGregor.

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