Khalid & Kane Brown Deliver Their "Saturday Nights (Remix)" Video

Devin Ch
February 22, 2019 16:14

Khalid drops the video for his "Saturday Nights" remix.

Just what the World needed, visuals of a Country Star sporting a razor-cut Caesar, while a good guy of R&B singers points in the distance, to a shiny object he mistakes as the Northern Lights. Yet, Khalid's "Saturday Nights" is as old as the day Jesus was born in a shed. Only a remixed version with the aforementioned stylish Cowboy remains etched in our minds, thanks to Khalid's incessant pitch in mid-January. 

Khalid doesn't deviate from the norm in the remixed version. In fact, the addition of Kane Brown's vocals only complicates the issue, of whom the song is supposed to address. Therefore, the transparency of his deft marketing stroke is plain to see. The best way to describe the accompanying music video's aesthetic is through loaded language like say.. the word "Pastoral" as a descriptor, or through the photosynthesis of color.

Whether or not the fusion of depress mode singing and Cowboy idealism is right up your alley, Khalid is readying a project for the month of April, and it seems rather unlikely that he will continue this pattern of video and song creation. 

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