Khalid is one of the new voices of R&B. Fresh out of high school, he's been making waves through the internet and further with his debut album American Teen. He's currently embarking on his second headlining tour. Since American Teen's release, it's received a gold certification by the RIAA and his single "Location" has gone double platinum. While his music has been receiving some well-deserved acclaim, he took to Twitter today to tweet a short video of him covering a stripped down version SZA's "Love Galore" while mashing it up with "The Weekend."

The video, captioned with "All hail queen, @sza," looks like it was taken on his tour bus, which is very possible considering he's currently on his "American Teen" tour. The video has him putting his spin on the song. While many times, it's hard to listen to someone cover a song because it's placed in comparison to it's original, Khalid took it and put his own spin on it. It isn't by any means an official cover but it has still been receiving props from the Twittersphere.

One user on Twitter responded to his tweet saying, "Khalid I want you to know my 2 year old has an ear infection and this video is the ONLY thing that has gotten her to stop crying."

Since tweeting the video out, it has since received over 45 thousand retweets as well as over 95 thousand likes. 

Other responses to the tweet are urging Khalid and SZA to collaborate. It would actually be great to hear a collaboration between both Khalid and SZA and hopefully this might prompt it. Both artists have unique perspectives in the way they write and have very distinguishable voices. It would be interesting to hear them collaborate or even have Khalid be part of an official remix of the song. Hopefully if this song reaches the ears of SZA, this may be the stepping stone for collaboration between the two artists. 

Both SZA and Khalid have been having a great year thusfar and have made waves through the R&B artists as some to watch out for. They are both nominees for the VMA's this year. The two are nominated in the same category for "Best New Artist."

Check out Khalid's cover below: