We're not sure where Khalid's been hanging out recently, but a couple weeks ago he shared a live performance of his "Vertigo" track that was filmed on a palm tree and cactus-filled balcony and today he's dropped off another video seemingly at the same location, singing his beloved track, "Better." The stripped-down acoustic version is said to be filmed at Vevo's LA cottage where the 20-year-old was joined by a talented guitarist and some soulful singers - check it out below.


"Better" was the first single that dropped off Khalid's recent Suncity EP, based on his hometown El Paso, Texas. "When I had moved from New York to El Paso, I was so worried about making new friends, but I wasn't focused on who I was and who I wanted to become, especially during my senior year in high school," Khalid told Red Bull Music. "Once I started throwing all of those unnecessary worries out of my head and I started focusing on who I was as a creative, I started writing music — and music changed my life."