Chicago Bears defensive stalwart Khalil Mack is having a year for the record books, both on and off the field. BET and The Shade Room were first to report a shadowy figure they believed to be Khalil Mack canoodling Angela Simmons. This was back in September, so inevitably public sightings have been few and far between as soon as the NFL Season picked up steam shortly thereafter.

It is certainly rare that both the Worlds of reality television and sports entertainment collide as they have for The Shade Room's key witness who wishes to remain anonymous. She described the rumored couple's conduct as unmistakably "Boo'd Up."

The Mirror is the latest publication to play the role of Cupid. Angela Simmons' was in the headlines recently due to the fact her ex-fiancee was gunned down in his home. The man who allegedly shot her ex-lover is about to stand trial, without the possibility of a bond.

Khalil Mack, on the other hand, is making a discernible impact on the field, so much so that Bears' have taken to calling him the heir apparent to Brian Urlacher. Mack and the Bears are currently leading the Detroit Lions by a score of 23-16 in the first game of the Thanksgiving tripleheader.