Khia has been airing people out all year, now, she's once again taken aim at the Diamond Princess herself, Trina. Back in August, Khia wasn't impressed by Trina's denial of her past employment, and the "My Neck, My Back" rapper-turned-web-series host showed no hesitation in throwing Trina under the bus. Naturally, this led to an exchange of social media shade throwing, which has once again reignited over the course of this last week. For some context, Khia addressed Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter on her web series The Queens Court, after Carter reportedly defended her mother Toya Wright's honor from Khia's wrath. 

It didn't take long for Trina's name to come up, and Khia seemed to relish in revealing some alleged family history. In truth, the whole thing is a bit wild, so who knows what really happened. Either way, Khia spoke about a twisted tale of swinging and poly-amorous, bisexual love affairs involving Baby, Lil Wayne, Toya Wright, and Trina:

"That’s how far me and your daddy [Lil Wayne] go way back. Back to a time when your step mama Sour Puss [Trina] was fuckin' your Baby. You know, no she’s not the baddest because she fucked your mama and your daddy. That don’t make her the baddest, baby. That make you a damn fool to even bring her up. Now, since you mama didnt tell you that she was swinging with your daddy and your step-daddy, Baby, I'm gon' be the one to tell you: don't bring that up no more baby. Don't bring that up never again."

Remember, this is the same person who once claimed that Gucci Mane's wife Keyshia Ka'oir was hiding a secret family in Jamaica. Not only is Trina on the receiving end of Khia's wrath, but not even Cardi B is spared. In one of the videos below, Khia rips into Cardi B, calling her the "ring around the tub after everyone in her family bathed in it." Suffice it to say, she seems intent on getting a rise out of somebody.