Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are no longer together but that doesn't mean that you'll catch her disrespecting him on the Internet. Last week, a report surfaced claiming that she was incredibly upset with him because he hasn't made an effort to see their daughter True following the cheating scandal involving Jordyn Woods. However, that doesn't seem to be the case. Khloe took to Twitter and praised her ex as a father figure to their daughter.

A fan gave Khloe some reassurance that all her daughter needed was her mom following reports that Tristan's been absent in True's life. However, Khloe made it clear that the two are still co-parenting their daughter despite their differences.

"Thank you love! You’re so very sweet," she wrote. "But he is a good dad to her. My sweet and special baby True will NEVER be put in the middle of him and I. I can promise that."

While Khloe and Tristan continue to work together as parents, Jordyn Woods is overseas securing a few bags. Earlier today, a report surfaced claiming that Woods and her mother headed to Dubai and London to sign some make-up deals. It's a great look for her especially since the Kardashians reportedly cut off business ties with Jordyn Woods after the scandal broke. Ultimately, it looks like the scandal may have helped her career more than hurt it.