As if Khloe Kardashian hasn't been dealing with enough since her baby father, Tristan Thompson, was caught cheating on her again. Not even with a random woman, but with her little sister's best friend, Jordyn Woods. In an effort to move on and continue living her best life, Khloe posted a series of photos with her sisters that sees them wearing sparkling jumpsuits for reasons unknown. 

Unfortunately, the comments from adoring fans and supporters have been out shadowed by some trolls who are calling Khloe out for allegedly photoshopping her body and honestly we can't tell. 

Most of the comments and tweets point out Khloe's "bobblehead" and "legs sold separately."

"Why do you feel the need to overedit your photos? You look great without the editing you don’t need it. You look beautiful! But this edit just is obvious, with the size of your head compared to your body and your thighs. Just post all natural boo," one user wrote, while another added: "Your head is too big for your body 😩 who let you do this?"

Khloe has yet to respond to the comments, and with all things considered she may not even take the time. In regards to all of her fans and supporters, she recently tweeted a big thank you: