The Goodie Mob wasn't immediately accepted when they stepped into the hip hop scene. The rap group was born and bred in Atlanta, Georgia and from the start, they were met with resistance because they were going against "slow" Southern grain or the gangsta rap scene. Goodie Mob member Khujo recalled those early days in a recent interview with Vlad TV and said that despite some pushback, the group received an overwhelming amount of support from the West Coast.

A fellow artist who was apparently a superfan was the late Tupac Shakur. Goodie Mob met the "California Love" rapper at The Source Awards and immediately connected. "Just to see that man's energy," Khujo remembered. "You were able to touch him. He wasn't [the type] to say, 'Don't touch me.' He wasn't that type of person. So, we met him that time and the next thing you know, we up in the studio with him."

The group of rappers was in the studio by the next day and Goodie Mob didn't know they were the first to hear Tupac's infamous diss track "Hit Em Up." Khujo said, "We just walkin' into the studio and Tupac is in the booth and all I hear is him saying, 'My n*ggas Goodie Mob in the house. Get them what they want, man. Y'all want some Hennessey or whatever.'... I didn't even know history was being made at that time."

There was a point, according to Khujo, that Tupac and the Goodie Mob were talking about uniting, "I was thinking, 'Is Tupac finna be in Goodie Mob?' That sh*t gon' be hard." Khujo said Tupac felt a "brotherhood" with the Southern rap group. Check out Khujo taking us all on a walk down memory lane below.