It was a pretty eventful weekend for Cleveland-born rap artist Kid Cudi, who spoke out against a viral trend that has been blowing up, using his hit record "Day 'n' Nite". The trend uses his lyrics saying, "Now look at this", before erasing his following lines. Content creators have been using the sound on TikTok to show shocking or funny things happening during their days. Cudder said that he doesn't appreciate this use of his song, saying he's "not flattered" on Twitter before clarifying in the following statement.

It wasn't all bad for Kid Cudi fans this weekend, though. In fact, there was some amazing news that was revealed by the 37-year-old artist, who revealed that his star-making mixtape A Kid Named Cudi would finally be more readily available on streaming services.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images -- Kid Cudi arrives at the 2009 BET Awards

The classic mixtape helped skyrocket Kid Cudi's music career into superstardom, blowing up during the blog era and serving as a precursor to Cudi's popular Man On The Moon series. It features some later-released records, including "Day 'n' Nite" and "The Prayer", as well as fan favorites like "Maui Wowie" and "T.G.I.F."

"Workin on puttin A Kid Named Cudi on streaming services," tweeted Cudi this weekend. "I got u!!"

The news comes after Cudi also put out feelers to work with the great videographer Cole Bennett, as well as others on Twitter. 

Fans have been getting creative about how to listen to A Kid Named Cudi for over a decade. It's momentous news that the mixtape will soon be added to streaming services. We'll keep you posted with more news on when it's expected to be uploaded.