Over the weekend, an unreleased track from Kid Cudi & King Chip, who went by the duo The Almighty GloryUS, was leaked onto the internet Friday night by the song’s producers Chuck Inglish & Blended Babies. While many Cudder fans were extremely happy and pleased with this unreleased 2010 collab, the man who made it wasn’t AT ALL!

Taking to Twitter Monday morning, Kid Cudi had some choice words for his former producer who leaked the record, calling Chuck a “Hoe azz Nigga” & “Thirsty” for the leak. Cudi was so fired about it all, he even said he's lawyering up and told Chuck to do so as well.

Peep the harsh tweets from Cudi below, and check out the record he's talking about, “Chillen While We Sippin”, here if you missed it.

You think Cudi has a point here or should he just relax?