TikTok is arguably one of the most influential tools in modern technology. While everyone has hopped on the platform, it's certainly gaining popularity among Gen. Z, similar to how millennials propped up Instagram to becoming one of the biggest social media platforms out there. For artists, it's undoubtedly helped circulate new music out there while finding ways to celebrate older records to re-introduce them to a new audience.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Kid Cudi has found himself at the center of a new TikTok trend after kids found his hit record, "Day N Nite." Initially included on A Kid Named Cudi, the song remains one of Cudi's biggest songs to date. TikTokers have been using the song where they mouth the line, "Now look at this" before cutting out the following line.

Cudi took to Twitter to make it clear that he isn't a fan of these videos. "I dont fuck w what they did to my song on tik tok takin out the lyrics. We live in a strange time. Im not flattered," he tweeted. When a fan responded "wack," he simply replied, "very." A

few of his fans seemed to think that he was taking the trend too seriously but he made it clear that he simply doesn't approve of the trend. "I dont think im makin it 'deep' by tweetin how I feel. Now if I was ranting thats another thing. Nothing wrong w me stating I dont approve, plus if u are such a fan, u know my lyrics are most important to me. Im passionate about my shit so idc who has a problem w that," he added. 

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