Kid Cudi was feeling sentimental on this very date, the 10 year mark of debut A Kid Named Cudi, the tape that showed the world he was more than his "Crookers Remix." To mark the occasion, Cudi gave thanks to key contributors, three in particular:  Plain Pat, Emile and Dot Da Genius, but not before doing a curtsy for his day one fans.

Birds-eye view, Cudi thanked his fans for staying through his tumultuous journey. He then opened the floor to his band mates starting with Plain Pat, whom he described as a "big brother." Cudi thanked Pat for supporting him back when he could barely afford to feed himself. Pat is otherwise credited as Cudi's executive producer, as in "the eyes and ears of the operation."

Cudi held out his hand for Emile, a jack-of-all trades character that did a little bit of everything on A Kid Named Cudi, offering a helter skelter mix of engineering and general know how. It's Emile whom Cudi credited with helping him identify his sound, especially from a steadfast position at his keyboard.

Last but no least, Cudi thanked Dot Da Genius the mastermind behind "Day 'n' Nite," his breakout record. According to Cudi, Dot gave him a place to crash when he was damn near out of options. Living under Dot's roof allowed Cudi freedom of expression rarely afforded to artists facing the demands of capitalism.

Speaking of which, Cudi thanked 10 Deep for sponsoring his early advances. The strategy helped their bottom line, but most importantly it helped convert consumers into real fans. If you recall, Hip Hop was experiencing a ReGenesis and very few expected the windfall to a emanate from a bedroom artist in Cleveland, Ohio.