Kid Cudi fans worldwide were thrilled when the coveted rapper finally released the highly anticipated third installment of his Man on the Moon series last Friday. The Ohio native began dropping hints about the project in October of this year and fans overwhelmingly embraced Cudi’s latest effort, projected to debut at the second spot on the Billboard chart.

Despite all of this, a new Pitchfork review published Wednesday rated the album a 4.9/10, comparatively lower than Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy, which has an 8.7 rating. In the headline of the review, the writer called the album, “The latest, underwhelming installment of the rapper’s cosmic album series arrives 11 years after the original and coasts on a legacy built a lifetime ago.” 

Perhaps getting wind of the publication's review, or perhaps in response to other supposed-industry friends (more speculation on that below), Kid Cudi tweeted today: "Love to all the people in the industry that supported me w this album!!” He added, “I see who does and who don't and I don't forget sh*t.”

Fans dug up some old tweets from the editor who gave the review that show a clear bias towards the rapper, one of them reading, “I swear if I hear the name Kid Cudi in the year 2020 I’m losing it.” 

While some fans hypothesized the tweets were aimed at the publication, others guessed it could be aimed at friends Selena Gomez and Kanye West.

Who do you think Cudi is indirectly tweeting? Let us know in the comments.