You've been voting all week and the moment of truth is almost here. Unsurprisingly, each song remaining in the Final Four round of our Kid Cudi Track Bracket is from Man On The Moon. The album was truly a gem, impacting so many of our lives and helping us through internal turmoil. During that stage of his career, Cudi wanted to create a universe where everybody was accepted and could escape to when they needed. He succeeded and ended up with a timeless classic. After three rounds, we've officially made our way to the semi-finals and this is where the hard decisions come out.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

If you thought you were tasked with some rough choices yesterday, today will be even worse. For the next twenty-four hours, we will be tallying up your votes in the semi-finals of the Cudi bracket. This time, you've only got two picks to make. The four remaining songs are all older cuts from Scott, including crowd-favorites "Day N Night," "Pursuit Of Happiness," "Man On The Moon" and "Soundtrack 2 My Life." 

Whichever song changed your life the most should earn your vote. Head over to our Instagram Stories to participate and be sure to follow us here. And be sure to check back tomorrow for the final round!