Kid Ink Shares His Most-High Story In "How to Roll"

Mitch Findlay
August 31, 2017 11:09

Kid Ink talks "Skywalker," 10$ grams, and Instagram smoke pics.

We've been teaming up with rappers to show ya'll how to maximize your Backwood rolling capabilities for a minute now, and last week's lesson with Buddy certainly proved educational. Now, the knowledge continues with a brand new lesson, courtesy of Los Angeles rapper Kid Ink. Donned in a clean military-ensemble, Ink kicks things off by questioning the use of the grinder. "Sometimes they be too small, then you get all the little weed flyin' in your mouth," says Ink, before opting to use one for the sake of speed.

The strain in question is called "Master Kush OG," which suits Kid Ink's needs. "I only like OGs," says the rapper. "I don't really do sativas too much...I don't like to get that head high, I need like, slow down a little bit more...I'm already creative enough, I don't need to be in more of a creative space." When asked about his favorite Strain, Kid Ink big ups his favorite from back in the day - "Skywalker." "Back in the day, if you could find some Skywalker you knew it was going to be fire."

As the video progresses, Kid Ink drops a little rant dedicated to some armchair critics of his smoking technique. "I hate when people see me on Instagram trying to make cool smoke photos, where you let the smoke fly and like make smoke ghost, I  think that's actually cool," says Ink. "But people get in my comments like 'but you didn't inhale!' If I inhaled, then you wouldn't see nothing. It's not as cool. When it's not for the Gram, that's when you inhale."

Check out the video in full, and be sure to peep his most recent project, the 7 Series EPThe project features guest appearances from Starrah, Ty Dolla $ign, & 2 Chainz, but Ink is more than capable of carrying the load on his own. 

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