We received a glimpse into what N.W.A. endured while out on the road in the film Straight Outta Compton, and Christopher "Kid" Reid is confirming the dramatized telling of events. In the 1990s, family-friendly rappers Kid 'n Play dominated the big screens and the airwaves, and the powers that be paired them on tours with the likes of N.W.A. and Public Enemy. On paper, it doesn't seem that Kid 'n Play would appear alongside either group, but Kid explained why executives wanted that to happen.


"We helped them get in the buildings," Kid told VladTV. "Those groups had trouble getting insurance for those buildings, so Public Enemy would call us every year... They incorporated us to kinda show that yo, it's not all gangsta rap, Public Enemy political stuff and we all went out together." Kid added that he's still friends with all of the hardcore rap artists until this day.

Vlad wanted to know if Kid had any Eazy-E stories, and the rap legend said that as much as everyone got along and hung out with each other, the N.W.A. rapper wasn't seen around as often. "Outside of being onstage, Eazy was always keepin' it moving," said Kid. "He was in the presidential suite. They kind of kept him separate and whatever."


Kid shared a story of performing a show in Cincinnatti where everyone was told that they couldn't use any swear words during their performances, and while Kid 'n Play wasn't known for their vulgar language, they did have a song with the word "f*ck." During their set, they decided to say "mess with me" instead of "f*ck with me," and while they didn't get into any trouble, N.W.A. went on stage and defied all the rules. The groups had to run out of the venue and into their awaiting vehicles, and when they made it, Kid recalled Ice Cube mocking him for cleaning up his rhymes. 

Watch the clip below to hear more from Kid about being on the road with the gangsta rap icons.