Kid Trunks Reveals "Kill Me" Tattoo In Memory Of XXXTentacion

Rose Lilah
August 13, 2018 13:49

Kid Trunks breaks down the evolution of Members Only, talks about his tattoos, XXXTentacion and much more.

Kid Trunks is ready to move to the forefront as a member of the Members Only crew. The rapper, who confirms there is a Member Only Vol. 4 project on the way, talks about his recent mixtape, Super Saiyan, and his favorite songs off it -- "IDK" and "Day Dream" with Robb Bank$ are named among them. He also dives into his relationship with XXXTentacion, his many tattoos and more.

Kicking off the interview, Trunks details his upbringing in Broward, Florida, and how the Members Only crew first evolved. "From the start of it, it was like 30 people in the group, at first, this was when XXX had started to make "Look At Me!," it was 30 of us in a twitter group chat, 10 of us would be overseas, it would be 10 people in different states, and it would be 10 of us in Florida. And basically we would just have meetings every week or so, and everybody would have a goal that XXX would had fucking assigned to everybody for like a month, and the goal was to send his and Ski's music to a whole bunch of fans, like different fans. From there, we started to do that shit for like a month, before I started to rap, he put me in charge of promo-- we was doing that shit for like three to four months, and at some point we didn't have to do it anymore, cause he blew up."

The anime-enthusiastic rapper also explains his rap moniker origin, a name he seemingly wasn't too excited about at first, but has since become attached to. He reveals a tattoo on his hand which pays homage to late friend XXXTentacion as well -- a scrawl of the words "Kill Me," bleakly enough, is currently the most meaningful tattoo to Kid Trunks. "XXX had got that on his hands too, so that's why I got that shit, that shit means a lot to me," Trunks says.

To close out the interview, Trunk promises he has another project of his own in the works as well.


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