For the past two Presidential elections, Killer Mike has been championing his friend and political associate Bernie Sanders as the man for the job as Head of State. As one of hip-hop's self-educated, self-reliant, and vocal members of the culture, Killer Mike has been able to spread rhetoric that has allowed the Black and hip-hop community to take accountability for its actions and become self-sufficient by any means necessary. Now, after failing to get the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination, the "Black Power. White Powder." rapper is doing everything in his power to help Bernie Sanders secure the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination. 

Yesterday (Feb. 28), Killer Mike joined Sanders on the campaign trail in Columbia, South Carolina to rally the people and address some of the American people's highest concerns from student loan debt, healthcare costs, inflation, and more. However, whenever the 44-year-old, Atlanta-bred emcee ever gets the opportunity to speak into a mic, he's going to kill it. Hence, the name, Killer Mike.   

Instantaneously, Mike's presence shifted the energy amongst the Sanders crowd as he spoke eloquently into the speaker system, stating:

"We want progress and we want it now. We want progress, when do we want it?" Mike, awaited for the crowd to respond before continuing, "We're not playing with people, we're not wasting our time online arguing with people, we're not trying to convince the unconvinceable. What we're going to do is we're going to leave today, we're gonna get five people who are not registered to vote, we're gonna get register them to vote. We're gonna take them to the polls, we're going to elect our President, Senator Bernard Sanders!"

After Mike's short address, the crowd roared with enthusiasm before the clip came to a close. While we have seen celebrities like Dave Chappelle come out in support of his favorite candidate and fail, Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders have the opportunity to do something big this upcoming Presidential election. 

Check out the clip of the one and only Killer Mike rallying Bernie Sanders' troops in Columbia, South Carolina this past Friday in the video provided below.