Killer Mike is one of hip-hop's most consistently outspoken political voices, and although he's highly respected in almost all corners of the genre, his views aren't necessarily always non-violent. We've known this though, ever since he famously rapped "I'm glad Reagan's dead" back in 2012.

This past week, alt-right leader and aspiring Nazi Richard Spencer was punched in the face by an anti-Fascist protester on the streets of Washington, and the video went viral. At the time of getting punched, he was explaining to an interviewer why he wears a Pepe The Frog pin.

Part of the viral appeal of the Spencer getting punched video were the remixes, one of which involved a RTJ track. This is when Killer Mike got involved, who praised the sight of Spencer getting socked in the face. This put him at odds with a certain subset of Twitter, who disagreed with Mike's views on the matter. Check out the Twitter exchange below.