Following the disturbing riot at the United States Capitol building, the politically-savvy and lyrically formidable Killer Mike recently took a moment to share a few thoughts on everything that had transpired. After Mike teased that he was working on a few long-overdue guest verses, the conversation shifted to the current political climate in America.

Reflecting on the riot that left the Capitol building in disarray -- a riot that has since led Democrats to consider impeaching Donald Trump for a second time -- Mike takes a moment to praise Georgia residents for their efforts in flipping from Republican to Democrat, a shift that ultimately turned the senate in the latter's favor.

Killer Mike

Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

"Everyone from the hip-hop community from Atlanta and throughout the state had worked their butt off," says Mike. "What I really respected about the integrity of my state, I was very pleased to see the integrity of our Governor Kemp and Brad Raffensperger. They called for Biden, they called it honest, they called it fair, and I respected the fact my state did the right thing. My state went blue. Republicans in the state didn't try to get in the way of it, it happened. I woke up on a high."

Unfortunately, Mike's mood took a darker turn upon witnessing the madness that ensued in the Capitol building, a riot that found Trump supporters storming the historic establishment. "Although I encourage protest for any American, I don't encourage what we saw," says Mike. "Essentially, it is violence, it is evil, it is I-didn't-get-my-way-ism. It is the refusal to accept that this republic is run by the power of the vote."

Mike believes that collaboration is crucial in building a stronger union moving forward, imploring those of differing ideologies to learn from what transpired at the Capitol building. When Seth Meyers drew a comparison between the police presence at both the Capitol riot and the Black Lives Matter protests, Mike provided his perspective on one of the biggest takeaways. "We know that justice is lopsided," he explains. "The question for me is at what point do we have to keep using these stark examples before doing something about it? At what point do we encourage the demilitarization of police period?" 

For more wisdom from Killer Mike, who continues to prove himself as one of the game's most intelligent minds, check out his conversation with Seth Meyers below.