The coronavirus pandemic is still sweeping the nation but there are politicians that are rushing to reopen the economy. Trump, of course, has urged for this to happen while the Georgia governor clearly agreed. Gov. Brian Kemp announced that many non-essential businesses such as barbershops, salons, and gyms, can re-open this Friday as he lifts a majority of these emergency lockdown laws in place. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images 

As many individuals protest this decision, Killer Mike, who owns The Swag Shop barbershops throughout Atlanta, sat down with TMZ to reveal that he won't be opening up shop this week. "As business owners, we were concerned and we are concerned," he said, revealing that it's great news for business but not for public health. "Our first concern is the safety of our employees and our customers," he explained. "We aren't comfortable opening."

Killer Mike shed light on the high death rate of African-Americans from COVID-19 and explained the decision to keep the doors shut for timebeing is the best decision at the moment to keep people in his community safe. 

In addition to having a business, Killer Mike explained that he's also a landlord and that he's also made sure to adjust rent in the midst of the pandemic. 

Clearly, Killer Mike supports Dr. Anthony Fauci's sentiment surrounding the dangers of opening the economy up too soon.