At this point, we're used to Kim Kardashian going a little overboard to keep the conversation about her and her brand. Her entire family appears to have adopted her mentality as they consistently make headlines with every head-scratching move they make. They follow the old adage "sex sells" to a T as each Kardashian-Jenner has posted at least a few thirst traps in their lifetime. When she's not making important announcements about Kanye West's upcoming album Yandhion Twitter, she can be found on Instagram, testing their censorship limits.

Obviously, with over 118 million followers, Kim is not about to have her account shut down anytime soon. However, she continues to stretch the limits of what exactly is allowed on the social medium. In the past, she's nearly revealed her entire naked body to promote her perfume so it's difficult to shock anybody. She manages to continually find ways to up the shock value of her content to keep the conversation about her though. The latest example is her "Monday Mood" post, of which it's difficult to decipher exactly what her mood actually is. The photo shows her sticking her tongue out while laying in bed and wearing a Chanel bra that's too small. Again, we're not sure what mood she's actually describing.

Kim has not yet commented on her husband's controversial speech when Saturday Night Live went off the air. Perhaps this is her strategy to take the heat off him?