They wouldn't be the Kardashians if they didn't constantly have something to be said about them. By now, we all know that the Kardashian Klan are no strangers when it comes to publicity, be it good or bad - and it's more often than not, bad - making them prime targets for a little bit of controversy every now and again. Though 38 year-old Kim, has been keeping a somewhat lower profile lately, with her public announcement that she's working towards getting her law degree, but the reality TV star still received her share of controversy when she debuted her "Kimono" shapewear line at the end of last month. The announcement of her shapewear line was met fury as Twitter users accused the star of "culture appropriation" with her choice of brand name, prompting her to eventually release a public statement that she would be changing the name of the brand after all the backlash she received. Now though, it seems the star has managed to land herself in hot water once more, this time by the "fashion watchdogs and archive experts" @DietPrada Instagram user, who is accusing her of plagiarizing her sunglasses design.  

The Diet Prada Instagram page is dedicated to outing copycat fashion designs, and it has no shortage of posts dedicated to a certain Mrs. Kim K and her design blunders. This time, a particular pair of sunglasses from Kim Kardashian's recent eyewear collab with Berlin-based designer, Carolina Lemke, were called out for being a near straight copy of Emilio Pucci designs. Funnily enough, Kim herself was photographed wearing the exact Pucci shades in question last August. "It’s def not cool to use someone else’s name and likeness when promoting knockoffs, as evidenced by your win against @missguided, but should it be ok to use your OWN name and likeness to promote them?" Diet Prada's caption reads. "Funny how those SS17 @emiliopucci shades you wore in August 2018 ended up in your eyewear collab with @carolinalemkeberlin that launched in April this year. Hypocrisy at its finest!" Ironically enough, Kim sued the U.K.-based brand Missguided for their unapproved use of her name and similarity to market copycat clothing, ultimately winning the suit by default. She continuously publicly calls out fast-fashion brands like Fashion Nova for plagiarizing the work of "true designers."