North West is proving to be more and more like Kim Kardashian's mini-me. Her recent birthday saw the five-year-old handle the paparazzi like a seasoned pro and in one photo she even smized at the camera like a true Kim K. Now that she's one-year-older, it seems as though she's found a new interest that happens to be her mother's make-up. 

Kim uploaded a video that sees North dipping in her makeup palette and to apply dark blue eyeshadow all over her face. "North, what are you doing with my Mario palette? Turn around!" Kim says in the video. "Stop it!" Kim added as they both couldn't help but laugh. "Hey, that's not how you put on eyeshadow."

Kim previously chatted with Elle and explained that North has been curious about her beauty routines from a very young age. "Every night we play, after her bath, in bed, and you know my purse is always kind of by my nightstand, so she always says ‘purse!' So she grabs my purse, and that means she wants my makeup bag, so I give her my makeup bag and it's empty. And if I just turn around for one second, she has my lipstick like all over her face," Kim said.

"So I have to give her her own little makeup bag. She's obsessed with makeup and watching me get ready and getting ready herself. She just loves the process, she could not be more ultimately girly-girl."