Kim Kardashian's work paid off last week when all her efforts to free Alice Marie Johnson from prison ended after a phone call from President Donald Trump saying he was finally making it happen. The 37-year-old reality star met with Donald a week prior to the big news and she told  CNN's Van Jones that she called Alice right away to let her know her life would be changing. 

"I was like 'you're going home. We cried, maybe, on the phone for like three minutes straight," she said. "Everyone was just crying." Kim further explained how her case for Alice - who was serving life for a nonviolent drug crime - started by chance after seeing her story on Twitter. She said she "felt this connection" to Alice's story and began the work to get in touch with the President through Ivanka Trump, then Jared Kushner and finally Donald himself.

"Everyone has brought attention to this case and I just happened to see it on Twitter. So, I do want to give credit where credit is due to everyone that's been working so hard on this for so long for her," she explained. 

Alice is now a free woman thanks to the those following the lead of Kim. "When [Donald] said he has the papers in front of him and he's signing it ... my heart was so full," she added. Watch the full video below.