When you've got Kardashian money, you can buy just about anything. If you want, you can even get the makers of Monopoly to create a custom board for one of your most celebrated albums. For Kanye West's birthday in 2014, his wife had a Yeezus Monopoly board made with special tokens to represent that time in their lives. She showed off the board in a video, filming it for fans of the couple while she played with North, Saint, and Chicago. 

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Kim let fans see the Yeezus edition of Monopoly for the first time today, which features a Lamborghini on the box. She opened the container to reveal a selection of Yeezus-inspired tokens that you could use. There's the iconic Yeezus mask, a Lambo, a Nike Air Yeezy sneaker, an MPC, a diamond ring, Ye's trademark bear, a microphone, the album cover, a compass for North, and the Eiffel Tower because they "love Paris." This is actually insanely dope and very thoughtful, cementing the legacy of one of the most divisive points in Kanye's career through a board game. Shout-out to Kim for even thinking of this.

Unfortunately, she didn't show us the actual board that the game is played on. We're sure there's some crazy ish going on there too. Have a look at the custom game below and let us know your thoughts.