Kim Kardashian just debuted a shocking new look and immediately, people aren't sure if they're feeling it. Bleaching her hair and her eyebrows blonde, the billionaire businesswoman showed off the makeover on Instagram and she looked pretty unrecognizable. It took many fans a few moments before realizing the woman in the video was Kim and, in fact, many are joking that they believed it was makeup guru Jeffree Star at first.

Jeffree Star's name began trending on Twitter shortly after Kim showed off her new look with more than enough people making the comparison. The jokes are especially funny because, as you may remember, Jeffree Star was recently wrapped up in untrue rumors connected to Kanye West once Kimye's divorce was first announced. A TikToker lied and said that Jeffree was hooking up with Kanye, which the beauty YouTuber denied. Now that Kim is drawing comparisons to Jeffree though, people are laughing and suggesting that the look is intentional to try and win her husband back.

"Not y’all saying y’all see Kim K turning into Jeffree Star to win Kanye back," tweeted one person. "Kim must be playing Jeffrey stunt double," said one commenter on The Shade Room's post, getting over 13,000 likes on the comment.

Kim and Jeffree have been connected in the past but something tells me that Kim probably won't be happy about this trend popping off. Do you see the resemblance?