Kim Kardashian went to bat for Alice Marie Johnson and Matthew Charles, two prisoners that she believed were sentenced too harshly. She brought their names up when she met with Donald Trump in 2018, and her continued efforts helped get both Johnson and Charles out of prison. More recently, Cyntoia Brown was granted clemency. Brown was another inmate that Kim helped spread awareness about. As reported by TMZKim's three for three record has earned her a reputation with the inmates. 

 Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Both staffers and inmates have begun calling Kim "The Princess of Prison Reform." Her magic touch works, and as a result, Kim is sent thousands of letters every day. Inmates are vying for the attention of the Kardashian, hoping that she will highlight their story next. Kim the Clemency Queen didn't sound as catchy I guess. Van Jones has even admitted that Kim's influence helped the Senate pass the First Step Act, citing her meeting with Trump. The First Step act aims to prevent recidivism, will help grant clemency to thousands of inmates, improves living conditions, and assists with ending the inhumane treatment of female inmates. If Kim keeps this up, she can add "expert social activist leader" to her resume.