As you surely know, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her husband of six-years, Kanye West. The power couple's end could have been predicted from miles away, with gossip magazines writing about their perceived marital difficulties for years before the split was made official. While the couple always seemed to make their dynamic work, things finally got to be too much when Kanye ran for President, trashing his family and sharing their secrets during his rallies. His campaign was reportedly the "final straw" for Kim.

With each passing day, there is less hope that Kanye and Kim will eventually reconcile. According to a source at Entertainment Tonight, Kim is "concerned" about Kanye's mental health during their divorce, but she's "happy" to put this era behind her.

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"The divorce has been difficult for [Kanye], but knowing that he has access to his little ones and has split custody is making the transition easier," said a source via the entertainment news site. "Kim and Kanye are in contact with regards to their kids. Kanye has hope that they will reconcile, but he is not expecting that in the immediate future."

Kim is reportedly concerned about Kanye's state of mind but she "has full faith that he will strive to do his best to be the father and person he once was." The source also explained that their older kids are aware of what's happening and they understand. "The kids are doing great and the older ones have had time to process and understand the situation," added the source. "Kim and the rest of her family have done an excellent job at coaching the kids through this."

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Despite this being a heartbreaking moment for Kanye and Kim, Kim is said to be absolutely "relieved" after filing for divorce. "She is happy to see that chapter close," said the anonymous informant. "She knows that it is what is healthiest for her and her family and she is ready to put this hardship behind her both publicly and personally. Kim has had her moments of feeling overwhelmed as a mom, of course, but the fact that her family has been so unified and supported her through this difficult time has made things so much easier for her to process."

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Hopefully, they can both heal from this traumatic breakup. We'll keep you posted with any additional details on their ongoing divorce.