Kim Kardashian has been working closely with the Trump administration in the past few years for criminal justice reform but she never clarified if that's who she was voting for. In fact, even with her husband running for president, she still remained silent on her political stance. 

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Kim was among the celebrities to reveal that they did cast their ballot. While plenty of her peers, and her husband, revealed who they casted their ballot for, Kim still remained quiet about her endorsement. Was it Trump? The first president that has allowed her into the White House. Or Kanye? Someone that she shares four children with.

Social media sleuths may have found out that it was neither. Two interactions on Kim Kardashian's Twitter account suggest that she may have shown her support to the Biden/Harris campaign. The first tweet was one of Kid Cudi who wrote, "Vote for Biden if you a real one." The second was a retweet of Kamala Harris' message on going out to vote. Perhaps, Kim simply agreed with the message of carrying out one's civil duties to cast their vote and make their voices heard. Plus, Kim's remained awfully quiet about Kanye's presidential push, though she did remain in support of her husband following his dreams.

Despite what people perceived on Twitter, Instagram speculated that Kim went all the way red. There wasn't much to back up this claim aside from the fact that Kim Kardashian shared a photo after she cast her vote rocking a red dress. It didn't help that Kim later took down the photo to re-post it in black-and-white.

She hasn't confirmed her support for the Democratic party, Republican party, or the Birthday Party but we hope that she continues her criminal justice reform efforts regardless of who wins the election.