Just when you thought Kim Kardashian had it all, she proves that she has even more. The reality star recently revealed that she has hired models to try on all of her outfits and every article of her clothing to help with the ever tasking job of choosing future outfits, seriously. "There are fit models — we have gotten people who have my exact same measurements — and they try on all the clothes, photograph it, do the fittings for hours every day of all the different Yeezy looks,” Kim said via PEOPLE

The job doesn't just apply to her husband's apparel. “At one point I sent over my entire closet to my husband’s office, I had full-time security because I was so nervous. But that was just to photograph it with the fit models there and put looks together," she said. 

The life of the 1% seemingly requires a lot of approving over actually doing. “There were all these stylists using my clothes, taking pictures and then sending it to me and then whatever I like I’ll try it on and make sure it looks good on me," she added. "They make my life so easy!”