Marina Acton, a Ukranian billionaire with big dreams, paid a hefty price to enliven her music career. In November, the aspiring singer purchased Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's bel-air mansion. One important caveat was included in the documents: Kim Kardashian was to bolster Acton's fame and promote her music. The price tag on the whole deal rang at $17.8 million. Sources familiar to this deal believe Acton overpaid for the property, with the substantial difference being used to acquire a public connection to Kim Kardashian. The West's had bought their former home for $9 million in 2013. This might be the first real estate deal of its kind.

Kim Kardashian seems to have held up her part of the deal by engaging in public outings with Marina and attending industry events with her. Most notably, Kim was to be present at Marina's single release party for Acton's song "Fantasize". Acton also had other celebrities involved in her album release in March, including "Prison Bae" whose actual name is Jeremy Meeks. The ex-con turned model played her love interest in the video clip for the song and made an appearance at the release party. 

The success of Marina Acton's stunt is questionable. Her Instagram account seems to be inactive at the moment. The house is apparently back on sale too, with an asking price of $18 million.