Who knew that Kim Kardashian was so in-tune with hip-hop culture? Sharing a couple of new pictures from her beach vacation, the world-famous businesswoman participated in Gunna's "Pushin P" trend on social media, which has prompted an overabundance of "P" emojis on all of our timelines. Kardashian added to the "P" takeover, evoking beach-bum energy in her latest batch of pictures.

"Beach [P]arty," wrote Kim as the caption to her post, using a blue "P" emoji to hop on the popular trend. It remains unknown if she even knows what the "P" emoji stands for, or if she just noticed people were using it and decided to also have some fun. While Gunna has provided multiple definitions of the term, many have had difficulty understanding exactly what "P" is all about. 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Given Kim's high-profile relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, some of her fans are theorizing that the "P" emoji is actually a reference to him. Others are envisioning the end of the "P" trend simply because Kim appropriated it. And another crowd of commenters is telling Kim that she's not "P," presumably because of her split from music legend Kanye West.

Do you think Kim actually knows what "P" means? And do you think she's "P" for posting these pictures? Check them out below, as well as some reactions underneath.